General Guidelines

MGen is committed to develop successful business relationships with our valued suppliers and service providers, working hand in hand with its suppliers and service providers in achieving a sustainable long term value relationship.

MGen expects all its suppliers, contractors, and service providers to continually demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products, processes and services of exceptional quality.​

Our Policies

The Supplier Code of Conduct set out the rules that will guide suppliers and service providers in the performance of their obligations and/or transacting business with MGen. It is mandatory to all suppliers and service providers. Document Policies

Supply Chain, through Procurement, shall secure quality products and services that will meet the requirements of MGen in the most cost efficient and timely manner and are in line with the objectives and standards of MGen.

A. Quality Requirements

Suppliers are expected to generally recognize or meet contractually agreed quality requirements in order to provide goods and services that consistently meet MGen needs, perform as warranted and are safe for their intended use

B. Environment, Safety, and Health

Suppliers are expected to provide a safe and healthy working environment and to operate in an environmentally responsible and efficient manner and to follow all relevant legislations, regulations, and directives to ensure safe and healthy workplace or any other location where production or work is undertaken.

C. Compliance to Bidding and Awards Procedures

Suppliers are expected to participate in the bidding with eagerness and anticipation to win a contract. They must compete against other bidders and must not resort to collusion for the purpose of manipulating the outcome of the bidding. Suppliers must also be ready to fulfill terms and conditions of the contract in case they win the bidding.

D. Integrity

Suppliers are expected to act with utmost integrity, efficiency, and urgency in performing awarded contracts and/or delivering ordered products.

MGen requires from all its supplier’s quality products and services, on time delivery, continuous improvements, competitive pricing, and responsive customer service.

Suppliers and Service Providers performance shall be evaluated in terms of compliance to specifications, price competitiveness and promptness of delivery.

Suppliers who consistently have poor performance will be notified of MGen’s intention to re-evaluate the supplier. Suppliers may be required to provide a documented action plan for corrective action. Failure to improve performance within the time required could lead to appropriate sanctions.