Atimonan One Energy pushes for a healthy community

During the summer months, Atimonan One Energy (A1E) supported a number of health and wellness projects in the town of Atimonan, in partnership with several organizations.

One of these is the medical-dental mission conducted by Leon Guinto Memorial College Grand Alumni Association (LGMC-GAA) where A1E donated Php15,000 of worth of medicines. A1E also supported the Surgical Mission for boys of age organized by the Rural Health Unit of Atimonan by providing hotel accommodations for the volunteer doctors and medical staff. Both activities were held in the Poblacion in May.

In the host barangay, A1E supported the barangay government's sportsfest through the provision of souvenir trophies for the winners. There were basketball and volleyball contests for male and female groups. A1E also supported the vegetable garden contest in the barangay, dubbed "Ay! Gulay!", to encourage proper nutrition while improving the local families' income in Villa Ibaba.

Come July, when the nation celebrates Nutrition Month, A1E will start its feeding program for about 30 malnourished kids in the barangay. A1E will also launch the"Maghiso Kita" Project together with the Atimonan Day Care Association to remind kids to brush their teeth and wash their hands properly. "Maghiso Kita" targets about 1,000 kids aged 3-4 years old.

A1E shall continue to look for avenues to help improve the community's health in cooperation with local leaders.